Delve into the world of, with a handy list of services that we provide our customers from start to completion.


We provide web design consultation as part of the design process to help identify your projects key requirements. It’s kind of like taking down all the notes and building up a design brief, but also discussing with you the direction we’ll be taking your website in, and drinking the odd cup of coffee or two.

Website Design

After we’ve finalised the brief and have a clear idea of how we would like your website to look, we get to work with setting up the domain names, hosting, databases and installing any relevant content management systems (ie. WordPress, Drupal) and installing all your images and videos to the server.

From here, we’ll install a ton of essential plugins to help keep your website secure and optimise and utilise your new website. It’ll help you stay clear from those nasty spam bots.

After that, its straight to work on the coding based on your design brief, were we will keep you updated regular via email with screenshots and any questions that may arise. Upon completion, if nessacery we’ll give you a guided tour around your new website with tips and tricks to help it keep in top shape!

Graphics Design

If your project requires any graphics, such as logos, banners or images relevant to the completion of your website, we get straight to work on these using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


Anything social media related or to help promote your business across Google, Yahoo and Bing takes our focus point at this stage in the brief.

Search Engine Optimisation

Once the groundwork has been laid and the design is ready to add the content, we optimise all your pages to be search engine friendly and tailor specific keywords to get your website ranking.