Mugshot alert! We made the papers.

It’s not every day we make the local news, but when we do, it just so happen’s to be for a photoshoot the day before’s Chris Dickinson was due for his monthly hair cut!

Since the launch of KCOM Lightstream, many local businesses in Hull have reaped the benefit of a much faster and dedicated broadband service, and one business in particular was Spring Estate Agents, one of our clients who we provide design and consulting services to.

Director Govind Manocha commented:
“They say ‘home is where the heart is’ and it’s true – the home is the foundation of people’s lives, and the property industry is all about providing people with homes they can be safe and comfortable in. Technology, and the internet in particular, plays a huge part in helping people find what they’re looking for – more often than not these days, the search for a new home starts with a search on Google.”


Speaking personally based on what we’ve seen of KCOM’s Lighstream service – were we’ve tested speeds of upto 250 Mbps, we were pleasantly surprised to say the least! I’m confident we’ll be making the upgrade ourselves once it’s rolled out in our postcode!

Link to full article:

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